Michel Philippo was born on April 30, 1956 in Lille. The first six years of his life were spent in the linguistic crucible of Flanders, a region bordering Belgium where French, Flemish and Picard were the languages spoken daily, an exposure that inspired in him a passion for words and languages.

After spending a few years in Burgundy his family settled in Brittany, his chosen homeland since 1967 and a place his heart and soul are now deeply rooted in.


    Literature ? Inescapable ! For there is no way to evade the realm of books when, like Michel Philippo, you have spent your childhood with a father who was a bookseller and printer in the old tradition.

    After a stint as a singer and song writer during the 80’s, Michel Philippo is now pursuing his career as a teacher and writer.

   A Summer in Eden was awarded the Grand Prix du Roman in 2013, a prize awarded by the Association of the Writers of Brittany. Michel Philippo also participates in many local, national and international book festivals.

     Since 2015 Michel Philippo has been an associate producer for Bretagne 5 : - a regional radio station for which he has been hosting Page blanche, a sixty-minute literary program, broadcasted every other week. Well-known personalities such as Mona Ozouf, Ali Zamir, Fabienne Juhel, Jean Lavoué, Nono, Alexis Gloaguen, François Aussanaire, Maryse Rivière and many others can be listed among the prestigious guests who have agreed to be interviewed.

His new novel

Le crépuscule des ronces

will be released next august.